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As demonstrated by EU Laws reported by Commission Regulation (EC) N1400/2002 article 4 (2) of 31 July 2002 carmakers must give to independent garages and to the interested people access to repair information. For this selling service data, catalogues of spare parts, technical specifications information's, workshops, technical repair and diagnostic data for trucks, vans and passenger vehicles not constitute any kind of infringe rights because this information's are not intellectual property of software corporations or carmakers.

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Auto manufacturers were deliberately blocking access to information, parts and tools that give owners the ability work on their late-model cars. Why? To ensure car owners had fewer choices for taking their cars for repairs. This has real implications for do-it-yourselfers as well as it does not follow the Competition Act.

But a "Right to Repair" movement, which advocates for a consumers' right to repair and modify products they own, put an end to this practice, in the auto industry anyway. The conversation had been ongoing since 2002, when various industry organizations were demanding more access from auto manufacturers, but were getting nowhere.

But the initiative gained momentum in 2013 when Massachusetts passed the first law in the U.S. ending the practice. The law states that auto manufacturers are required to sell the same diagnostic and repair information to consumers and independent shops. That information was formerly exclusive to franchised dealerships. The information is available now for 2002 and later model year cars. Once the 2019 model years rolled out that info became available online for a fee, as well.

Vehicle manufacturers must give to independent repairers as well as interested independent individuals access to repair information. Allowing the selling of service data, technical specification information, technical repair, and diagnostic data for trucks, vans, and passenger vehicles. This does not constitute any kind of infringement rights, as this information may not be classified under intellectual property of software corporations, carmakers, and manufacturers. Herein, designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owner, in which our products do not interfere and are fully abiding with both federal and state trademark, copyright, or infringement laws.

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