Acquire Knowledge Cummins Datalink Adapter

Acquire Knowledge Cummins Datalink Adapter

The INLINE is a type of datalink adapter and that usually translates the communications from the ECM engines. This Cummins Insite is now locally available through the various online stores or you can also buy it from the local Cummins dealer or distributor. In general, there are three types of models in the Cummins INLINE adapter.

Types of Cummins adapter

INLINE Mini   

The INLINE mini is a type of Bluetooth enabled vehicle’s datalink adapter and they are suitable for the heavy-duty vehicles that also allow a mobile device to make the communication wirelessly with the help of on-board electronic control module. They have manufactured with the push button Bluetooth activation.


The Cummins INLINE 6 Data Link Adapter has the potential to communicate with the PC that is through the 9-serial pin connector. And they can also communicate with the PC through the USB support by a standard 4-pin connector.

In general, the Inline 6 adapter connects the vehicle power to the datalink via a 25-pin serial connector. They are the standard for the Cummins engine diagnostics and they are fully compliant with the RP1210 standard. This Cummins has been designed and environmentally tested, they are certified to be compatible with all the best features of the latest Cummins software applications. They utilize the latest electronic technology to deliver high performance and has high-speed communication capabilities. The Cummins INLINE kit usually contains the datalink adapter, cables, along with the INLINE software driver.


This type of adapter communicates with the PC through the USB as well as they can also be connected through the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The functions with wide memory of Cummins, OEM and also with third-party services and information tools. They can adapt to modern electronic techniques.

Final words

Acquire knowledge on the Cummins INLINE datalink adapter before purchasing it and there are wide benefits on using it for your vehicle.

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